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Avatar: The Last Airbender Doujinshi

English (7 Pages)
Sokka's Biggest Wish
English (5 Pages)
ZukoxAang Footjob
(250 Pages)
Atla Fanbook Zuko x Jet

21 comments on “Avatar: The Last Airbender Doujinshi
  1. Avatar of Damien Evans Damien Evans says:

    Oh, my! Wolfy, if you publish more, it’d be great, but it’s true, that Avatar is not that popular in the yaoi scene…

  2. Young Blood says:

    Plz Wolfy! add some more colourful avatar doujinshi, i’m waiting…

  3. erln says:

    please. publish another fanbook jet x zuko, Nightingales’s in the twilight

  4. Vitor says:

    Please could translate manga “Atla Fanbook Zuko x Jet” for English, please, please, please, please

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