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Tutoring Jay

by Spunkcomics

When Professor Jenkins asked "SIMON" to tutor JAY,the captain of the football team, he had no idea that Jay would be teaching him a thing or two…

TutoringJay_01 TutoringJay_02 TutoringJay_03 TutoringJay_04 TutoringJay_05 TutoringJay_06 TutoringJay_07 TutoringJay_08 TutoringJay_09 TutoringJay_10 TutoringJay_11 TutoringJay_12 TutoringJay_13 TutoringJay_14 TutoringJay_15 TutoringJay_16 TutoringJay_17 TutoringJay_18 TutoringJay_19 TutoringJay_20 TutoringJay_21 TutoringJay_22 TutoringJay_23 TutoringJay_24 TutoringJay_25 TutoringJay_26 TutoringJay_27 TutoringJayII_01 TutoringJayII_02 TutoringJayII_03 TutoringJayII_04 TutoringJayII_05 TutoringJayII_06 TutoringJayII_07 TutoringJayII_08 TutoringJayII_09 TutoringJayII_10 TutoringJayII_11 TutoringJayII_12 TutoringJayII_13 TutoringJayII_14 TutoringJayII_15 TutoringJayII_16 TutoringJayII_17 TutoringJayII_18 TutoringJayII_19 TutoringJayII_20 TutoringJayII_21 TutoringJayII_22 TutoringJayII_23 TutoringJayII_24 tutorimgjay_063 tutorimgjay_064 tutorimgjay_065 tutorimgjay_066 tutorimgjay_067 <~ Click here to see the next Chapter

29 comments on “Tutoring Jay
  1. Avatar of HalfcastFame HalfcastFame says:

    I finally got a hold of the other chapters. Will start uploading them soon ^_^

  2. Avatar of Erik Kenby Erik Kenby says:

    Yeaaaaahhhh. My first guy crush was pretty harsh with that word….. I could practically beat up anyone who calls me that now…. That’s the only thing that really sets me off….

  3. Alecae says:

    I love this story, but I just can’t get bast my hatred of that ‘f’ word. It’s the worst word someone can call me.

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