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Fullmetal Alchemist Doujinshi

Japanese (13 Pages)
Baka Ani-Otouto
English (28 Pages)
Chu Chu
Japanese (18 Pages)
Cream Lemon
Japanese (53 Pages)
Definition of Kindness
Japanese (24 Pages)
Hajime Teno Chuu
Japanese (33 Pages)
Honey Hunt
English (47 Pages)
Hunting Ground
Japanese (18 Pages)
Kyou no Wanko
Japanese (17 Pages)
Mame Koi
Japanese (31 Pages)
Japanese (29 Pages)
My Only Brother
Japanese (31 Pages)
My Victory
English (34 Pages)
Naked Star
Japanese (26 Pages)
English (28 Pages)
Two Yellow Beans
English & Spanish (28 Pages)
English (26 Pages)
Beans Kingdom
Japanese (30 Pages)
English (26 Pages)
Dark Angel
Japanese (39 Pages)
Darker than Darkness

33 comments on “Fullmetal Alchemist Doujinshi
  1. Avatar of Xochicpili Xochicpili says:

    Notice: please don’t read the rant below unless you have watched the animes Claymore and Soul Eater, as it contains spoilers to their respective endings. Thank you.

  2. Avatar of Xochicpili Xochicpili says:

    Okay, first off, I apologize for ranting about this here, but in light of a previous conversation on this page, I just had to do this. I know there’s a lot of animosity between the fans of Brotherhood and the 2003 anime, and there’s no problem preferring one over the other, but saying someone ruined it? Honestly, if you want an anime that’s been ruined by it’s producers look at Claymore; you mean to tell me that Clare, the weakest of all the claymores took down Priscilla, the strongest awakened being of all time, without even fully awakening herself? The only thing that’s even more ridiculous is the ending to Soul Eater. How do you defeat Kishin Asura, who’s practically an un-killable deity with a punch to the face? HOW!? I don’t care what that fist is filled with, courage or otherwise, that can’t even be called a Disney ending! In my honest opinion, Fullmetal Alchemist is the only anime where the plot branches off from that of the manga and it’s actually good. And I’m not the only one who thinks that, Hiromu Arakawa, the author of FMA even likes it. Don’t believe me? There’s an omake in the back of volume 8 of the manga where she says so; Just look here:

    Anyway, I’m sorry for taking up so much space, if you don’t agree with me, then that’s your opinion, but if you can’t respond in a civilized manner, don’t respond at all. Thank you.

  3. Nosebleedgirl says:

    I love my only brother , but lollipop is the best !!!!!

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