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by Torakichi (Ebitendon)
24 comments on “Straight!
  1. the small boy looks like me o.O

  2. Anonymous says:

    This needs to be translated and/or be changed from saying ‘English’ as it is clearly not in the specified language

  3. Avatar of Keon Smith Keon Smith says:

    It said english what gives its lovely but still

  4. nagisa says:

    translate it plz it deserves a translation

    • Avatar of Takcody Takcody says:

      Looks do-able~ gimmie a month or so I’ll try a translation on this =3

      • Avatar of Wolfy Wolfy says:

        You know tak, if you were to do a monthly translation service we could add that to the store, it would benefit the site in not only funds but also having a new translation if you’re up for that. It would be entirely stress free a sort of “its finished when you’re done translation” and the person who buys the translation would be able to choose what comic they want done.

      • fadi254 says:

        Hii, Takcody! I wonder, how far have you done with this comic? Because I know this really deserves a translation! It would be so helpful, thank you!

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