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Sugoi Kin’niku – How to Train Your Dragon

HTTYDSugoiKin'niku_01 HTTYDSugoiKin'niku_02 HTTYDSugoiKin'niku_03 HTTYDSugoiKin'niku_04 HTTYDSugoiKin'niku_05 HTTYDSugoiKin'niku_06 HTTYDSugoiKin'niku_07 HTTYDSugoiKin'niku_08 HTTYDSugoiKin'niku_09 HTTYDSugoiKin'niku_10 HTTYDSugoiKin'niku_11 HTTYDSugoiKin'niku_12 HTTYDSugoiKin'niku_13 HTTYDSugoiKin'niku_14 HTTYDSugoiKin'niku_15 HTTYDSugoiKin'niku_16

4 comments on “Sugoi Kin’niku – How to Train Your Dragon
  1. Avatar of J'markus J'markus says:

    I thought that thing looked familiar, it’s a Barioth. The Ice dragon-thingy. I’m a big fan of the Monster Hunter series, and I wish they let me customize my hunter to be a kid. Overall, loved it, although I can’t read a kanji of it.

  2. Avatar of quicksilver quicksilver says:

    artist:Sugoi Kin’niku

    circle: Kon’na Tokoro no Kin’niku made Kitaeru nante… (such a long name O.O real long in kanji too)

    parody:Monster Hunter (series)

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