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    Hey all! On this Topic, I will be introducing you to games which can be found and if they’re in Japanese, i’ll teach you how to install them and if there are any language patches!

      Pre-Installation instructions

    Only refer to this step when asked to in the post.


    Do a restart before installing any games which require this step. This is a must.

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    I’m going to play the one about Fullmetal Alchemist (I don’ t remember the name, it’s the one about Pride xD), i have to download the guide in english ’cause it’s in japanese :S

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    Game #1

    Shougakkou no Hibi

    “South Town, a small town at the foot of a mountain, a bustling community surrounded by undisturbed green. You play the role of a new transfer student to the South Town Elementary School for your final sixth year, and it is at this year where your childhood ends that you will experience the joys and pains of adulthood, as well as forge friendships that will last a lifetime.”

    Just like a Japanese dating sim game or eroge, the game allows you to choose which character you would like to deepen relationships with through choices you make with every interaction.
    You will be rewarded for levelling up with the character towards the end of spring with a boner giving scene depending on which character.
    This game is in English and is a standalone so no tough installations on this one.

    You will require a DA account first which is set as at least 18 year old.

    You can get this game over at:

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    Game #2

    SCHOOL BOYS!-夢の御咲祭編-

    You play as a middle-aged man who’s a shotacon. Day in and day out, you constantly think of being with shotas. Then one night, a capped boy approaches you with a gem and explains that it’s a gem of youth. You keep the gem, mystified, and went to bed. What happens next…

    This game is in Japanese and does not have an English patch (Not that I know of).
    Changes to your system are required before the game displays Japanese characters in the dialogue box. Otherwise, it’ll just be wingdings and ascii jargon.

    Follow the instructions in the first post!

    Here’s the download page if you can read Japanese:

    And here’s the direct download link:


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    Game #3


    Avatar of Daniel

    Oh, cool… I didn’t know the full version of Shogakkou had been released. I’d only played the demo. Awesome! ^_^

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    thanks takcody for posting these amazing games

    Avatar of Rain

    Thanks for the fun games :P

    Afterlife...oh my god..what an awful word
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    noppavit kaewlin

    waahh 2eme is a game! yay! rejoice!

    yaoi is my ticket to heaven by the looks of things at the moment =w=
    Avatar of TwiztR

    I love Shogakkou!! Chiaki is adorable haha ^^

    Avatar of Dreaming Out Loud
    Dreaming Out Loud

    Does it have to be dirty? Cuz there is an kinda new RTS I wanted to play. It’s called Nobnaga’s no Yabu: tendou i think it’s Name in Japanese but in America (where it won’t get released sad face) it’s Nobunagas Ambition: Heaven

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    Shougakkou no Hibi is a great game
    Probably one of my favorites. ^ ^
    Chiaki is absolutely adorable omg :3

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    hey is it just me that the link for second game is dead

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    I want a Chiaki of my own…

    Avatar of Niko

    I wanna ask something, how many pervy scenes are there to unlock in shoggakou no hibi? can someone guide me a bit? Ive got to all scenes on 2nd may, from yuuta,kotarou,tsutomu,tomoyuuki… and from 25th may I unlocked chiaki,hideaki and Im gonna unlock shugo, besides those, are there more? I know about Genta too after the cooking contest.

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