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Male incest

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    I’ve just went to the deep web and came back with a question. What’s your view on male-male incest? Be it brothers, twins, cousins or father and sun

    Avatar of J9550

    Personally for me I’m ok with it. in my opinion that the only reason it has a bad rap is because of a male-female incest relationship could resolve in a baby

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    Daiki Kiyomizu

    as long as there is no force involved and its a matter of love the i see no issues with it myself

    Avatar of Wolfy

    That’s indeed one of the problems socially with incest, it’s a known result of genetic abnormalities, that was popularized in Egypt when pharaoh’s would marry and have children with only their sisters. So that would lead to a long line of genetic problems with the line of egyptians which caused a high mortality rate.

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    Avatar of Koji

    I dont see too much harm aslong as its not a forced matter, tho i still would think a father and son or a large age gap would be more or less taking advantage of, then again with the current rationality of kids they seem to be wanting the D alot younger (at least i was fairly young when i craved the D)

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    Avatar of Saiko

    Yea I see no problems with two consenting persons doing what they please. It’s funny because when I think about doing it with my brother, just the thought is cringe worthy XD. But that’s the glory of it. We all have different relationships with our family and friends. Just because someone feels a certain way about it in regard to their relative, that doesn’t mean we impose that view on everyone.

    Avatar of Aunt Scott
    Aunt Scott

    Force or power  or coercion is not cool, a concern, and could be hard to sort out but there are some that have worked it out and count as platonic or experimental or mentoring. Sadly expect no understanding from others if found out.

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    As far as I’m concerned, it’s just dandy.  I have no brothers, but always thought it was a very hot fantasy topic.  Consent, yes.  Noone should be hurt.

    Well, to be honest, in my fantasies, consent is not always present….(dark chuckle…)

    Avatar of S_I_N

    Lately I found out about a relative that he is gay.

    I see no reason not to fool around with him.

    Avatar of Dillboss5

    I’ve always wondered about twins, as most things are exactly the same, would the penis be the same size, shape and length?


    But yes, I’ve always wondered about Brotherxbrother. Father and son, no… In my opinion it wouldn’t feel right, you know? I mean it’s your dad, it’s hard enough to TALK about this sorta stuff never mind do it…

    Avatar of Kagu

    I’ve always wondered about twins, as most things are exactly the same, would the penis be the same size, shape and length?

    I’m pretty sure it’s not ^^’  I’ll make some research but I don’t think they have the same :p

    Avatar of Nesizo Sakkaku
    Nesizo Sakkaku

    Love is love, you know. As long as you don’t involve me in your acts then I’m fine with it…. Wait I take that comment back….. As long as you don’t involve me with weird and crazy drama then I’m fine with it. If a dad loves a son in a romantic way then go for it buddy. Same goes with brothers, uncles, nephews, sisters, mothers, or whatever. Everyone has a soulmate (at least I believe that) and if it’s one of your relatives then go for it if you have the balls.

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    Avatar of J9550

    i just want to make sure there’s no confusion, i PERSONALLY wouldn’t  the fought of doing it with my brother or especially my dad makes me cringe, however if someone is attracted to theirs, i support them

    Avatar of Jon Tapson
    Jon Tapson

    If there’s an attraction, I see no problem.  I used to hit on two of my cousins all the time when we were younger, and if they were gay I still would.  But it’s not because they are my cousins, it’s because I like them as people.

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    as fantasy i think its really hot, but in real life i think that as long as the two persons are ok with it there should be no issue but its a total no if its forced

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