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Avian/Bird Furry

7 comments on “Avian/Bird Furry
  1. Anonymous says:

    There appears to be an error in the coding or some shit like that :p hope it gets fixed

    • Avatar of Wolfy Wolfy says:

      really, and what appearance would that be. I see nothing wrong.

      • Avatar of Kuasa Kuasa says:

        Dear Wolfy^_^

        There’s no error went I use my Laptop to view at here…
        But went i use Smartphone (Android).. This error appear

        (wp_bannerize group=”furry” random=”1″ limit=”1″ before=”

        And there some other page also show something like that…

        and there also problem went i use Android, I can’t see the TMNT Doujinshi in Yaoi Doujinshi page … oh , and i’ve found the out of order page in TMNT doujinshi … Please refer my reply there in the episode 1 – 6 ^_^

        I hope the information help ^_^

        Thank you for your time =D
        Wish you the best ^_^

  2. Avatar of Chaz Chaz says:

    *sigh* Falco, Fox, we need to talk. Listen you too, you can’t just go around enlarging yourselves and fucking in the city. You have to be like the rest of us furry, just do it in bed. Please stop. You’ve almost destroyed the entire town on many occasions. This needs to stop here. Please you two, stop posing for Macro… Thank you. You’re dismissed.

  3. Anonymous says:

    C’mon guys, really? First picture I pull up, BAM! Vagina.

  4. Avatar of Snazzy says:

    Some of these pictures I’ve never seen before…I LOOVE the new site ^///^

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