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WolfBlade Furry

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11 comments on “WolfBlade Furry
  1. Surprised says:

    wow… there are more than four pics on here.

  2. Kaiga says:

    I’m seeing a few new Wolfblade pieces here and there. I’m hopeful that Roni will find a boyfriend of his own if there will be a new comic. I say that because I heard a rumour that the two older brothers aren’t going to play a big part in the sequel.

    • Avatar of Wolfy Wolfy says:

      A rumor, huh? Does that rumor include the fact that the first comic was printed like half a decade ago? The chances of it Haiphong a sequel are so drastically low that you might as well go focus on more talented artists. All he’s done in the past little bit in a few incredibly money grubbing auctions.

      • Kaiga says:

        Yes. Unfortunate bur true. Not to mention the artist’s run in with Paypal. Too bad Wolfblade is a greedy bugger and the first comic is too old for a decent sequel. Can only assume how halfass it would be anyway. RIP Wolfblade

  3. Avatar of Alex Alex says:

    I need to see a ton more of jesse

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wow wasn’t expecting to see Norbert from angry beavers here but hey who am I kidding wolfblade has made multiple A.B. yaoi

  5. christopher says:

    oh my god I think I just cummed so hot

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